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VVS Rackmount

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SOUND LEISURE'S VVS (VERSATILE VIDEO SYSTEM) is available in various formats. The striking browser is a highly visual unit designed to attract public use, whilst the VVS browser version offers the same high end capabilities, but in a contained unit that can be sited in a managers office or back room. The VVS system evolved through demand from retailers for a system that would offer their top end sites a controlled high quality A/V solution.

During the initial stages of planning it was decided to design and manufacture the unit as a modular system, allowing Sound Leisure's in house programmers the ability to simply slot features in and out where necessary. Continuous product development has evolved the VVS system into one of the most advanced foreground music/jukebox systems available, yet it remains extremely competitively priced.

The system has the following features

PLAYBACK OF BOTH AUDIO AND WM9 VIDEO TRACKS. WM9 video files use the very latest encryption methods to ensure DVD quality videos, The clarity of video on this system far outweighs any system using standard Mpg files, especially when being displayed on large screens such as Plasma. During audio track playback, composite monitors display randomly generated effects in time with the music.

The VVS system has probably the most comprehensive advertising system available. It has the capability to play two simultaneous video tracks allowing full motion advertisements to be overlayed whilst a track plays underneath.
Alternatively adverts that contain audio content can be profiled to be displayed between tracks.

Additionally a separate P.C. can be networked to the main unit to show adverts on a pre selected number of screens leaving the remainder to show jukebox content. This advert PC can be updated by CD Rom.

LOCAL TEXT MESSAGING. Can be programmed to display a scrolling text message at a given day, date, session or be set on a repeat loop.

WHATS ON GUIDE. Allows the site to program details of forth coming events, which are then displayed as scrolling text messages on the composite video monitors. Events can be programmed to be repeated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As well as the text messaging, an on screen calendar shows details of events on the jukebox interface for easy access.

MUSIC TIMERS. 10 separate timers, each having 7 day 24hr capability, allowing custom profiles to be set.
Automatic track selection profiled by BPM, Speed, least played songs, most played songs, year range, genre or any combination of these variables.

DUAL CHANNEL OUTPUT. Gives a second independent programmable audio output. This enables simultaneous playback of different music profiles to a separate zone via an extra 15 timers (requires external amplifier).

All systems settings can be Password protected to stop unauthorised editing.

KARAOKE. Optional: Wide selection of high quality karaoke backing tracks available. Full lyrics displayed on video output screens, tracks searchable by artist and track title from jukebox interface via special events switch.

SIMPLE TO USE. Sound Leisure's wealth of experience in Jukebox design pays massive dividends in the programming features of this unit. All jukebox aspects are controlled via the touchscreen ‘Engineers Menu’. Each section displays handy on screen instructions, with managers options available though the main jukebox interface.

VVS Technology

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Please Note that Milestones in Music (MIM) is not available in Australia

Height = 180 mm
Width = 484 mm
Depth = 640 mm
Weight = 25 kg