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Sound Leisure Technology

Sound Leisure Digital Jukeboxes are available featuring a range of technologies. Offering a cost effective solution for every type of site from the simplest to the most demanding.

At Sound Leisure we are proud to have the ability to design and programme all their own jukebox software at their dedicated programming facility in Nottingham, UK.

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Milestones in Music Technology Video
VVS Technology VVS : Versatile Video System AV Duo Technology AV Duo Audio SUrfer Technology Audio Surfer

Video Surfer Technology

Milestones in Music Technology

Video Surfer TechnologyTo identify products which are available with ‘Milestones in Music’ technology look for this logo:

VVS - Virsatile Video System: Audio and Video Jukebox with advanced promotions and Karaoke (optional).

VVS Technology

VVS Technology To identify products which are available with VVS technology
look for this logo:

The Versatile Video System is Sound Leisure’s most advanced software hardware/software solution, available in a range of jukebox cabinets or as a back office 19” Rack mount system. Combining high quality WM9 video files for ultra high quality playback on large format screens, it also features enhanced advertising and promotion capabilities. Scrolling text messages can be profiled to ‘ticker tape’ across the screen manually, or be automatically generated from entries in the ‘Events’ page.

Overlay adverts can be timed to play over the beginning of jukebox audio and video tracks, replacing the track’s visuals temporarily with those of the adverts. After the advert is completed the visuals seamlessly switch back to the jukebox track. Used extensively in retail applications VVS Overlay adverts are perfect for displaying corporate logos, menus and promotions to a backing track of customer’s music.

A second Audio channel can be profiled via 10 separate Background Music Timers to play an alternative music theme giving additional flexibility. The fully integrated Karaoke option (enabled via activation code) can be combined with a factory fitted reverb unit and wireless microphones for the complete entertainment solution.
The DJ control page enables the entire jukebox library to be accessed by a DJ. Play lists can be programmed and edited, track playback controlled and quick scrolling messages added to the system to enhance interaction between DJ and customers.

AV Duo - Audio and Video Jukebox

AV Duo Technology

AV Duo Technology To identify products which are available with AV Duo technology
look for this logo.

Sound Leisure's AV Duo software takes the features and reliability of the Audio Surfer technology and adds to it the ability to playback both Audio and Video tracks (Video Only option also available.) Videos can be viewed on any display devices connected to the jukebox including TV's, plasma screens, video walls or projectors etc. With an enhanced touch screen interface and larger music library this system offers the customer a diverse music library, with Chart and New Release additions being added to the Video Library. Older or less main stream tracks are added to the Audio library, which can include music from categories as diverse as '50's Rock N Roll and Modern Punk.

Background Music features allow for both combined Audio and Video timers, just Audio or Just Video, profiled in the same manner as the Audio Surfer. As with the Audio surfer software timers can again be used to control the track selections available to paying customers at any time.

AV Duo also boasts unique and novel features such as the 'Events' page, which can be used by customers to view upcoming promotions and activities in the venue.

This can be simply programmed by venue staff to advertise food and drink promotions, quizzes or sports events, and can be quickly viewed by customers via the jukebox touch screen. Just one example of how Sound Leisure's products aim to satisfy all aspects of the customer’s requirements, not just the provision of top quality audio and video tracks.

Audio Surfer - Audio Only Jukebox

Audio Surfer technology

Audio Surfer Technology To identify products which are available with Audio Surfer technology
look for this logo:

Sound Leisure's Audio Surfer technology was the first digital jukebox software launched to convince operators that the switch from CD to digital was a profitable one.

Originally released in 1998 to a sceptical market the Audio Surfer software quickly gathered a strong following and featured in many of our most successful products.

Its original innovations included 'Intelligent Music Management Software' which automatically works out the most profitable tracks to add to the jukebox library based on the trends of previous paying customers, removing the time consuming requirement of reviewing plays information and compiling new selections.

Reliable beyond compare, easy to use for both customer and engineer, over 10,000 machines worldwide rely on Audio Surfer technology. More than 50 program enhancements have been completed since its first incarnation.

Background Music Options allow 10 individual timers to be entered, which can be profiled by track speed (slow - very fast,) Beats Per Minute, Year range (i.e. 1960-1990 only,) by selected or excluded category, right down to selected or excluded track. A unique BGM facility also allows site managers to profile which tracks on the jukebox are available for selection by paying customers at any given time. This feature can be used to remove unsuitable tracks during dining periods for example.