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Thursday 25th October 2007

Australias First Digital Nostalgia

Australias First Digital Nostalgia jukebox

The Sailor's Arms Hotel - Pingrup, Western Australia is proud to accept delivery of the first Digital Nostalgia in Australia. Housed in our classic One Piece cabinet the unit features all you would expect from a Sound Leisure Classic jukebox - Chromed knuckles and bubble tubes, Super bright lighting and beautiful wooden finish, the touch-screen interface however is bang up to date. The VVS (Versitile Video System) interface Combines high quality WM9 video files for ultra high quality playback on large format screens, it also features enhanced advertising and promotion capabilities. Scrolling text messages can be profiled to ‘ticker tape’ across the screen manually, or be automatically generated from entries in the ‘Events’ page.

Overlay adverts can be timed to play over the beginning of jukebox audio and video tracks, replacing the track’s visuals temporarily with those of the adverts. After the advert is completed the visuals seamlessly switch back to the jukebox track.

A second Audio channel can be profiled via 10 separate Background Music Timers to play an alternative music theme giving additional flexibility.

John Seman of The Sailors Arms said,

"I am absolutely delighted with the machine and my customers are amazed by it, it looks and sounds fantastic!"

Here at Peter Proposch Electronics we are absolutely delighted with the machine, the workmanship that has gone in to it and we are totaly blown away by it!



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