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Top of the Pops

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Sound Leisure and DT productions will unveil Top of the Pops branded products for the first time at this year’s ATEI. Following intensive negotiations by DT Productions, Sound Leisure has signed an exclusive deal allowing it to use the ground-breaking chart show’s content on specifically branded products.

Now Online...The latest Top 40!
Another landmark at this year’s show will be Sound Leisure’s new online system which allows operators direct access to the Jukebox server – meaning they can download tracks on a daily basis and receive the UK’s official Top 40 every week.

Rapid Profiling System...
The Rapid Profiling System or - RPS - which enables a jukebox to be profiled after is has left the factory, will be brought to market in February. This will allow operators to keep digital jukeboxes in stock. To profile a new or re-sited jukebox simply contact Soundnet who will issue a profile code via email. Once the code is entered into the box, it will automatically adjust itself to display the profile of music requested for that site.

The Top of the Pops CD ROM start-up package will almost double the amount previously offered by SoundNet – and at no extra cost. In total, over 2,000 tracks will now be available on the jukebox at launch, with the addition of the Top of the Pops branding, buttons, flash animations, glass and original features not available anywhere else!

19" TFT display, with ‘Screenseal’ technology.

Simple to use touch-screen interface for customers/engineers.

Intelligent Music Management System (IMMS).

The very latest chart and pre-release titles to attract maximum plays - Downloaded
via CD Rom .

300 watt stereo MK7 amplifier featuring autofade Microphone facility and auxiliary

Space to allow an additional slave amplifier offering a further 2 independent audio channels.

A to Z search facility, artist and track display.

10 independent BGM timers set by genre, year and BPM.

Special events switch.

Variable price of play/happy hour timers.

On-screen advertising potential.

Available as a remote selector.

Comprehensive data management system via floppy disk .

Milestones in Music Technology

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Width = 614 mm
Height = 790 mm
Depth = 200 mm
Weight = 50 kg
Additional door space to left of machine is required = 100 mm

note: key entry is on the right hand side of the machine


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