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All in one BGM system

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Sound Leisure’s wealth of experience in the design and production of digital jukebox products culminates in the All in One Programmable Audio System (Audio and Video option also available.) The All in One affords the user total control over the music environment in any location. By selecting options from a range of presets the user can quickly and simply programme all the information required via the touchscreen to allow it to generate its own accurate play list, perfectly tailored to its specific time slot. With 10 timers available, enough variation can be programmed into the machine for even the most diverse location and clientele.


  • 15" TFT display.
  • Simple to use touch-screen interface for customers/engineers.
  • The very latest chart and pre-release titles to attract maximum plays - Downloaded via CD Rom.
  • A to Z search facility, artist and track display.
  • 10 independent BGM timers set by genre, year and BPM.
  • Comprehensive data management system via floppy disk .
  • Wall mounting bracket available
  • note: an external amplifier is required.

Dimensions do not include optional hanging bracket

Audio Surfer Technology AV Duo Technology

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Please Note that Milestones in Music (MIM) is not available in Australia.

Width = 390 mm
Height = 320 mm
Depth = 135 mm
Weight = 5 kg

note: key entry is on the right hand side of the machine